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About Dee

Dee Kelly is a Traditional Feng Shui Master, born in the United States and trained in the Traditional Chinese manner. She was chosen by one of the finest Feng Shui Masters of our time. This level of rigorous and traditional Chinese apprenticeship is unprecedented in modern times and makes Dee one of the top trained Traditional Feng Shui consultants in the world.


Dee has spent over a decade traveling around the world to learn many systems and advanced techniques from her Master. This imparting of the "true knowledge" is only handed down directly from Master to disciple with a history going back to the Imperial Palace in Peking; now modern day Beijing.


" I have studied and worked for many years. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to study around the globe and in China, under the tutelage of such a great female Feng Shui Master. The high standards and stringent requirements of this type of apprenticeship are incredibly rare in the modern day. I see the rewards of this extraordinary training reflected in the success of my clients."


Dee is well known for her superior knowledge and the powerful results she achieves for her clients.  She is truly an "Environmental Energy Expert" with additional expertise in Strategic Date Selection, (Qi Men Dun Jia), Chinese Face Reading, Personal Birth Energy Analysis, forecasting for business and all aspects of Holistic Design.


"Whether a corporate headquarters, commercial building, large scale development, hotel, resort, retail store or single family residence; Dee's clients know that Traditional Feng Shui is truly the "secret weapon" that protects them in such a demanding economy.  It is this "extra added insurance policy" that insures her clients thrive regardless of uncertain times.

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