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Confidentiality... A Fundamental Principle in Traditional Feng Shui

When exploring this website you will not find a testimonial page nor a long list of my clients.


There is a very important reason for this. In my particular training, and due to the sensitive nature of my work,  I am not permitted to discuss anything about my clients with anyone. Confidentiality, is the cornerstone of the relationships I have with my clients. Many of whom I have worked with consistently for many years.


The relationship between a Traditional Feng Shui Master and her clients is built entirely upon Trust. My clients trust me to care for them, their businesses, their families and themselves with the utmost discretion and professionalism. Therefore, I have never used that information to procure new business.


In some cases, my clients choose to discuss their successes, in the press and through referrals. However, I do not use my clients status, fame, information, or my work regarding their personal or professional lives, to advertise or promote myself. I am fortunate that my clients recommend me and I have a good reputation for being professional and consistent.


As challenging as this was in the very beginning of my career, I am very grateful now, that I was trained to protect my clients privacy above all else.


In instances when references are required or requested I am able to accomodate.