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Healthcare Industry

The Most recent trend in Healthcare is Major Renovation of Existing Healthcare facilities. Healthcare providers want the spaces to look and feel better-not only for the clients and patients but also for their families and visitors and also the people that work there.

I agree with this philosophy whole heartedly. However, this approach can be superficial and somewhat short-sighted relative to REVENUES.


By incorporating TraditionalFengShuiinto the Renovation/ Design Plan-the Building itself will be HEALTHIER-which is literallyand figuratively, the Real FOUNDATION of the Healthcare Corporation itself.


The number one priority of any great Healthcare Facility is to take care of its patients.
However, the more successful a HealthCare Facility is…the more money it can spend on equipment, better staffing, better Marketing and Business Development, more stimulating Programs for those patients,etc…all of which translates into Better Services for their Patients and their Families.
By understanding how the Facility is positioned on the land, by optimizing the existing floor plan relative to the surrounding landform, by insuring FUTURE PROFITS via Strategic Placement of Doors, Administration, Accounting, etc…the Building is getting all the Best Energy it needs to truly become the Best at servicing its most precious commodity…its people.


We are all living longer and will need these types of facilities without a doubt. My goal, as a Traditional FangShunConsultant to the HealthCare Industry is, to insure that the patients are healthier and happier while at the same timeprotecting the Owner’s investment, via a beautiful and lucrative environment.