Dee Kelly Traditional Feng ShuiDee Kelly Traditional Feng Shui

Small to Medium Business & Traditional Feng Shui

Understanding how crucial Energy is to a Small to Medium Business cannot be overstated. Energy is the silent determining factor that will make or break your investment.

Your Business, its location, how it is receiving energy from the surrounding landform, and how that Energy is able to get inside the building and get into your business or office space is crucial for your company’s success.


Ideally, I design the layout relative to the Owners requirements making sure everything is located in the most beneficial Energy relative to Function. Then the architects create their design from there.
However, whether designing from scratch or simply re-designing an existing space –the goal is still the same.


To make sure that Your Business is functioning at its optimum and for many years to come.
Traditional FengShui Benefits Businesses with:

  • Improved Company Revenues
  • Improved Staff / Employee performance
  • Improved Staff / Employee communication
  • More Effective Marketing
  • Better Accounting
  • CEO Optimum Effectiveness
  • Better Management Performance
  • Higher Creativity